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We are so excited to share our first product line: Chickapea Pasta

A pasta you can finally feel good about serving your family! Chickapea is an organic, gluten-free pasta made from chickpeas! It’s high in protein, fibre & iron, low-glycemic and free of added sugar, preservatives and anything artificial. Made in a gluten-free, nut-free facility,  Chickapea is delicious, super nutritious and easy peasy. 

We’ve taken a family favourite and made it a superfood!

Muscle Power

High in iron, chickpeas are an ideal protein alternative for the vegetarian diet. Did you know there are 39 grams of protein per cup of chickpeas? That’s awesome! Power up with a bowl of Chickapea!

Super Hero of Food!

Chickpeas are not only a great source of protein, but they contain lots of other great stuff that our body and brain needs. This includes carbohydrates, thiamine, niacin, calcium and iron plus antioxidants! Now that’s super!

A Healthy Belly

Each cup of chickpeas contains 35 grams of fibre. These beans help keep your body regular; in fact, they are listed as one of the top foods to keep on your “digestive support” list! Being regular is extraordinary!

Speedy Cook Time!

Chickapea Pasta cooks in just 3 minutes! Simply boil, add pasta, remove from heat, cover and voila! More Goodness in half the time!

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